2010 Project – RTC Scenario Study

In the spring of 2010 one of the community projects conducted by the NNSPO was a scenario study considering the impacts of system cuts on various routes on the region’s RTC RIDE transit system.  Routes in the scenarios were traveled by students in the NNSPO and the route’s duration, convenience, accessibility, and environment were documented.  Recurring comments and issues on the routes and transit system were identified from the participants documentation, and the scenario routes were analyzed to understand how they were affected by the previous year’s cuts.  In September the study and findings were presented to the RTC Citizens Advisory Commission, which was also attended by the directors of RTC’s Public Transportation, Engineering, and Planning divisions.

2010 Project – Property survey

– current photos of the structure(s) on each parcel (multiple views, house number, street name, etc.)
– complete “Building-Appraisal-Form” form for each structure on a parcel
– photos need to reference specific survey forms (parcel #’s) in order to correlate the information at a later date

Prior to beginning the survey, visit www.washoecounty.us/assessor/cama/search.php, to gather important data from the County Assessor.

Map packets were distributed to each survey group. Please coordinate with members of your group and start the survey at your earliest convenience. Be sure to contact Barrie Schuster prior to starting your survey as she’s offered to meet with each group on the first day of surveying to make sure we’re all on the right track.

A note on boundaries: include the internal sides of the street; east side of Holcomb, south side of Ryland, west side of Locust, BUT include both side of Vassar.
Visit www.westofwells.com for additional information about the general area.

The deadline for completion is Sunday, 4/25/10. If there are any additional questions please feel free to contact Christine Wooldridge, JoEllen Ross-Hauer or Barrie Schuster.

Archived Project (2009)

Parking survey of the Wells Avenue area. This project entailed a business parking survey in the area of Wells Avenue.  Participants were involved in field work, data assembly and final write up for the project.  Participants collaborated with the Wells Neighborhood Advisory Committee and Fehr and Peers for  the study.

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